Varni Achary Midwife - Providing Partnership in Pregnancy
Within my philosophy of midwifery, I aim to use a woman-centred, evidence-based approach to care to guide and inform my practice. Every woman has unique needs, determined not only by her medical needs, but also by her ethnic, cultural and social circumstances, my aim is to ensure that my midwifery care is sensitive, appropriate and accessible to her needs.
As an Independent midwife, I am able to provide continuity of care, enabling effective, meaningful relations, with my clients. As individuals, the social context in which my client lives is important, whether it is in a group of family and friends, or in isolation. Continuity of care, allows me to address in some measure, not only the physical, but also the spiritual, social and psychological aspects of my client’s care throughout her childbearing year. Within a partnership, we can build a rapport that allows safety and a feeling that needs will, as far as possible, be met.
All my clients are seen as self-determining and able to make choices and decisions based on accurate knowledge and information. I strive to provide my clients with evidenced-based options to their care. Essentially to facilitate problem solving and decision-making, and so smooth their journey into parenthood.
I want to create an environment where my client feels safe, and in control of her transition to parenthood. This empowerment is best attained through knowledge, of her options for care and that choices made are informed decisions. This involvement in her own care, must ultimately lead to a more fulfilling experience, where she can trust her instincts and abilities enabling her to feel empowered and confident.
Autonomy and accountability for decision-making, in partnership with my client is seen as central to effective practice. I attempt to maintain evidence-based practice through a constant process of updating my skills and knowledge, both theoretical and practical, from a variety of sources. Quality control and an effective use of skills, through reflective practice, initialy through debriefing with my client and then both personally and together with my partner and colleagues.
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